A1 Video Photos – NJ

image source: A1 Video Photos

A1 Photo Videos, operated by the highly skilled Arshad Choudhry, stands out as one of the premier professional photography services in the New Jersey, New York Tri-State Area, USA. With over two decades of experience, Arshad is renowned for his expertise as a professional commercial photographer and his notable contributions to the field of media advertising.

Arshad’s commitment to the art of photography goes beyond a profession – it is his life and passion. He has dedicated himself to serving the USA photography industry with excellence, consistently delivering top-notch photographs and technical services. His portfolio extends beyond commercial photography, encompassing numerous photo sessions for leading newspapers and fashion magazines in the USA, including ARY Digital.

In addition to his photography pursuits, Arshad has delved into the realm of video documentaries, providing a unique and expressive dimension to his artistic endeavors. Notably, Charm My Event by DJ CHARM, represented by Pritpal Singh, attests to the outstanding collaboration with A1 Photo Videos. Pritpal Singh, the Punjabi DJ CHARM, has personally worked with Arshad Choudhry at various events and is confident in endorsing A1 Photo Videos as a preferred vendor for Charm My Event. The assurance is rooted in Arshad Choudhry’s track record of delivering on promises and maintaining a high standard of service.

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